what is the phenomena that explains the importance of physics?

The word phenomena is a word used in physics to describe the  whole process or series of process of any physical body , the most important part is it  describe  and explain whole process and there are still phenomena like Einstein  equation of relativity or other process which is still to describe , hence it plays an important role in describing the physical processes.
take an example suppose  two balls of equal mass are placed  at some distance to each other then having masses m​1 and m2 and the distance between  the two masses is r hence there will be an attraction force which acts on both the bodies which will try to attract the other towards itself
from newtons law of gravatation the force F ∝ m1 ,m2   and F  â€‹∝ 1/r​2
hence the force acts on them is attractive in nature and magnitude of force  is 
F  =  Gm1m2/r2
hence this describe a gravatational force of attraction phenomena between two bodies at rest placed at distance r .

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