what is the principal of laissez's fair? how it is established in the poem?

The fench words laissez faire mean :- the policy of leaving things to take their own course,without interfering, acting according to one's laws. It literally means 'allow to do' .

In the poem,The tale of melon city by Vikram Seth, the melon was crowned as the king after the death of their former 'just and placid' king .The melon (as we all know is a non living thing) refused to interfere in any of the affairs of its subjects .As a result the inhabitants,maybe out of their sheer ignorance or dont care attitude , assumed that their king left them in peace and liberty, each person following his / her own rules .The melon's non interference attitude and the people acting according to their own policies show that the priciples of laissez-faire seem to be well established in the melon city.

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