what is the principle behind the working of pendulum clocks?

  • Pendulum clocks works on the concept of simple harmonic motion.
  • When a body performs oscillations motion between two ends along a path, then its motion is said to be oscillatory motion. This motion is also considered to be simple harmonic motion, if the motion of the given body is to and fro and repeats in regular intervals of time about a mean position.
  • The number of oscillations made by the pendulum in a unit time is known as frequency and the time taken to complete one oscillation is called as time period.

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It is based on oscillation. Remember that an oscillation needs to have a frequency. The time taken to complete one oscillation is called the period. A pendulum clock keeps good time because the pendulum moves backwards and forwards. This is what is the oscillation. Many mechanical systems oscillate if their being disturbed.
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All clocks, including pendulum clocks, work on the principle of periodic motion.
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