what is the relation between polarising angle and critical angle

tani = 1/sinc where i is the polarising angle and c is the critical angle

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we know tanip=refractive index.  and R.I=1/sinc. so tanip=1/sinc
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All above answers are missing a key point
If light thown from denser medium (say water) towards rarer medium, then  Tan (ip) = n (air)/n (water) 

So in this case Sin ic = Tan ic
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tan p=1/sin c
Sin p/cos p=1/sin c
Sin p.sin c=cos p
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Please find this answer

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Refractive Index of a glass plate is 3 by 2 then the correct thickness of a glass plate that will permit the same number of wave length as that by an 18 centimetres long column of water is
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Akhand bharat
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