what is the relationship between democracy and concentration of power? think of other examples to illustrate the point? (cartoon on page-8 political science class X)

The following points may help you:

a. The very idea of democracy is against the concept of concentration of power. They certainly do not go hand in hand.
b. As democracy implies giving more power to the people, sharing power among the groups, parties, dividing powers among the various organs , levels of government; concentration is rather the opposite and is incompatible with the spirit of democracy as it implies powers are concentrated in the hands of one or few people.
c. The cartoon explains how the US and the Russian president  have given them more powers in having a final say with regard to any policy decision and are controlling the democratic regimes of their respective country.
d. The cartoon can be interpreted in varied ways- on one hand they are elected representatives by the people who are entrusted with maintaining  the law and order and not to make democracy turn into a mobocracy.
e. On the other hands as representing the executive branch they are giving them more powers and disrupting the balance.
f. We may give example of Pakistan how General Musharff in 2001 became the President and amended the Constitution giving him more powers, which the Parliament ratified.

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