what is the relationship between "G" and "g"?

Suppose you have a mass of magnitude m and is experiencing the force due to earth’s gravity.

This gives the relation between the g and G.
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 G is the gravitational constant. The gravitational force between two bodies of masses m1 & m2, separated by a distance d is given by:

F = G.m1.m2/d^2

The value of G is 6.674 X 10^(-11) N.m^2/kg^2. This is a universal constant.

g is the the acceleration due to gravity. This varies, even on the earth from place to place. An average value may be taken as 9.807 m/sec^2.

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f=ma  gravitational force=g  magnitude of g=mg[product of mass and accelaretion]

g=Gm/d sq  here m=mass of earth ,d=distancebetween the object and earth...............

maybe this is it...........................

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this is for object near or in the radius of the earth.. ya

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