what is the significance of GMOs?

Genetically modified organisms are formed by the transfer of genetic material from different sources into the organism, which will provide it with some new trait.
1. Used to produce crops with enhanced nutritional value such as golden rice rich in VitaminA.
2. Genetically modified bacteria are used to produce insulin for the treatment of diabetes.
3. This is used to produce insect, pesticide resistant plants such as insect resistance cotton plants.
4. Also used to increase product shelf life such as shelf life of tomato.

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GMOs have great significance and they are useful in following ways :-
1) It makes crops more tolerant to abiotic stresses( cold, drought, salt, heat ).
2) It reduces reliance on chemical pesticides .
3) It helps to reduce post harvest losses.
4) It increases the efficiency of mineral usage by plants ( this prevents early exhaustion of fertility of soil).
5) It enhances the nutritional value of food.
6) They are used to make tailor-made plants. 
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