What is the situation of constituional Amendemnt in the age of colision government

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Indian Constitution is both flexible and rigid in nature. Our Constitution makers cautiously opted for this approach for the following reasons:

It is flexible so that the constitution can respond to the changes of the society and incorporate new legislation's from time to time easily.

It is rigid so that the constitution is not easily arm twisted by political parties for their narrow political gains.

Therefore, there are certain provisions in the constitution which can be changed by simple majority of the parliament.Constitutional Amendment Bill on the other hand requires special majority by both the houses of the parliament present and voting.

In case of coalition government ,  which is a government formed by an alliance of two or more political parties, when no single party enjoys majority support of the members in a legislature, it may the following implications:

a. The presence of regional parties at the centre certainly  allowed them to check the centralisation of power by the centre
b. To bring about changes in the constitution would certainly be a colossal and a difficult task, as it would be difficult to reach at a consensus and have 2/3 rd majority at the centre.
c. Likewise, it would be difficult to get ratification from state governments as well.
d. Thus, coalition imposes certain political compulsions on the political structure.


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