what is the smallest integer that can be written with 2 digits?

-99 is the number

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This is a vaguely worded question, but you can approach it systematically. First, see the source below for a definition of integer so it is clear.The integer with the leastmagnitudewhich can be written with two digits is 00 which of course is equal to zero. Smallest, if taken to mean the integer less than any other integer, will necessarily make the answer a negative number. Using knowledege of place value, you then want to pick the digit of the greatest magnitude for both the tens and ones place.Ifnegative integersare excluded, you want to pick the digits with the least magnitude for each place, hence 00.If negative integers and zero are excluded, you want to pick the digit in the tens place with the least magnitude 0 and the digit in the ones place is the integer with the least magnitude

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