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Mini Dhillon , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 11/11/13

what is the summary of shady plot ?

i.s.h.a.g.u.p.s... , added an answer, on 21/11/11
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the writer is trying to write a supernatural ghost story according to his boss's order....but when he sits to write one,he runs out of ideas,suddeny a ghost appears in bits and pieces in his room,named hele,she says that she was there to help him wright a ghost story adding that wen she was alive and used to wright but at times she went out of ideas so she along with her co-ghosts decided to help those needy....but because of the frustating questions asked by the peope now days, using ouija boards, they decided to go on a strike...and tells henry to stop maing use of the boards, but next day, his wife organises a ouija board party at home, seeing the absence of one partner,she asks him to play on the board but ...as they started playing, the ghost appeared and wen asked to tell something interesting,she says that henry is a traitor......,the family situation worsens, lavina decides to take divorce.....but in the end she realise that helen was just a ghost n this saves the marriage!

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Shraddha , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 12/11/13

The summary of 'The Shady Plot' is available on the Meritnation website. Kindly refer to the same.

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Shri..the Mindblower , added an answer, on 21/11/11
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 The story is about a man who starts getting cocky about his ability to bring forth ghost stories at his will and how he copes with the situation when he realises that he gets (the unwilling) help from a real ghost. the ghost demands a favour from him which he is unable to fulfill. The ghost then plays havoc with his married life leading to various comic situation.

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Assasin Saravanan , added an answer, on 3/3/12
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 John Hallock, a successful writer of short stories, is asked by his publisher, Jenkins, to write a new story. As Hallock sits waiting for inspiration the ghost of a woman appears and tells him that she has been inspiring him so far but is now going on strike as she is sick of people with Ouija boards calling her all the time. As he tries to appease her, his wife Lavinia comes in to announce that she has bought an Ouija board and is inviting friends to call up spirits. He is aghast, when at the party he has to sit with a woman and the spirit who comes up is the same ghost (Helen) who accuses him of being a traitor. This creates suspicion in his wife's mind about his faithfulness to her and she threatens to leave him. Even the cook / maid, Gladolia wants to leave as she does not like Ouija boards and spirits. The ghost reappears and tells him that his wife must get rid of the Ouija board. As he is trying to argue with the ghost, his wife comes in and when told by the ghost that she is not the Helen of Troy, but another Helen, an ordinary woman of New York (now dead ), Lavinia forgives her husband and promises to get rid of the Ouija board which makes everyone happy- the ghost of Helen, the maid, and, of course, the author. 

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Sharan Gopal , added an answer, on 15/3/12
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RAFILADDU , added an answer, on 21/11/11


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