What is the symbolic message of the poem "Wind"

In Bharati's poem, the wind is a destructive force. The wind is meant to wreak havoc which leads him to exhort people to fortify themselves. It functions as a spiritual entity with awe-inspiring power.  Bharati seems to have an insightful take on the wind, he realizes the destructive force of the wind but also holds out hope that it is possible to befriend it and not just live in dread of its power. The poem is an attempt to understand human mortality and fragility in the face of nature's permanence and strength.

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In the poem, wind symbolises difficulties and challenges in life. The poem motivates us to be mentally and physically firm and face all the challenges. The poem encourages us to become bold and strong in order to befriend the wind as the wind becomes friends with only equals. The poem also tells us to rise above all obstacles on our path with girt, firm determination and audacity. 
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