What is the test for nitrogen gas

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Test for Nitrogen Gas:

There is no specific test for nitrogen. Though you can test for nitrogen using Litmus paper. Fill the tube with the gas you want to analyze. Then insert a wet red litmus paper if it is turning blue then basic gas is present. If it is not basic then insert the wet blue litmus paper, if it is turning red then acidic gas is present.

If both the litmus papers are not changing the colour it means there is elemental gas like O2 or N2 is present. One can simply add a burning matchstick in the tube which will utilize all the O2 present in the tube and will make the tube free from O2. Then you can insert litmus paper again if there is still no change in the colour of litmus paper it means the gas which is present is nitrogen gas.


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If a flaming wooden splint or piece of paper is inserted into a tube of gas and the flame immediately goes out, then the gas is nitrogen
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