what is the theme and moral lesson of the story "The portrait of a lady"?

The story portrays a grandson's perception of his grandmother and how their bond of love undergoes changes. 

Moral:  The story puts light on the need of companionship and friendship felt by our elders. It also shows how love and emotion is experienced not only by human beings but animals and birds too.

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The story is written in first person and is in biographical mode. It is a perception of Khushwant Singh of his grandmother through his own eyes.A very touching story that shows the special bond and connection between a boy and her granny and the changes which comes in their relationship as time passes by .

For him his grandmother was something close to idealism and despite many diffrences in their likings, he always loved and respected her by heart. Her love for him was also very deep.Not only that, the grandmother was an epitome of Love and Sacrifice which is hightled as the main theme. The whole story revolves around her. She laid her heart  not only for Humans but also Animals. She was very religious.But with the elapse of time the grandmother is left alone, but she Accepts than and Never Complains. So Acceptance of every situation that comes before you is another one. Thus the grandmother is also a Strong woman as she accepts whatever comes before her. After her peaceful death the spparows even mourned her death as they stopped churpping and they did not even eat the pieces of bread thrown before them. It highlights the CHANGE IN RELATIONSHIP with the passage of time, every thing in world is to be faced with courage. It is often the worst time in one's life when they realise their true potential as the grandmother became a Strong woman after the departure of author.

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