What is the unit of atomic radius?

Units used to measure atomic radius: Angstroms (Å): This the most common unit used. Equivalent to 1.0 x 10-10 meters. Nanometer (nm): Equivalent to 1.0 x 10-9meters.

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Atomic units (au or a.u.) form a system of natural units which is especially convenient for atomic physics calculations. There are two different kinds of atomic units, Hartreeatomic units[1] and Rydberg atomic units, which differ in the choice of the unit of mass and charge. This article deals with Hartree atomic units, where the numerical values of the following four fundamental physical constants are all unity by definition:

  • Electron mass {\displaystyle m_{ext{e}}};
  • Elementary charge {\displaystyle e};
  • Reduced Planck's constant {\displaystyle \hbar =h/(2\pi )};
  • Coulomb's constant {\displaystyle k_{ext{e}}=1/(4\pi \epsilon _{0})}.
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The unit of atomic radius is Angstroms.
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