What is thermite reaction ?

The thermit (or thermite) reaction is the name given to a series of displacement reactions between powdered aluminium and various oxides or sulphides of metals that are below aluminium in the reactivity series of metals. In this reaction, the finely-divided aluminium has a great ability to reduce certain metal oxides and displace from the compound, with the evolution of sufficient heat to melt both the metal and the alumina produced.

Example of this reaction is the production of iron by the reaction of aluminum with iron III oxide. Iron can be extracted from iron(II) oxide using a potentially explosive mixture called Thermite.

 Fe2O3 + 2Al --------> 2Fe + Al2O3


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Fe2O3 + Al -----> Fe + Al2O3

Reaction of Fe2O3 with Al is highly exothermic. Thus, the metal is produced in molten state. This process is also used in joining railway tracks and is called thermit reaction. 

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