what is trinomial nomenclature .explain give examples

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System of giving two names to an organism is called Binomial nomenclature. It is recognized all over the world.Corolus Linnaeus gave a scientific naming system in which an organism is given two names.The first part is the generic name and the second part is the (specific) species name.

Conventions that are followed:

It is conventional to write the first letter of the generic name with a capital and the first letter of the specific name with a small letter. Example:Felis domestica common cat.Scientific names must be underlined separately when written by hand.In printed matter these names are printed inItalicand underlined when handwritten.


Scientific names are followed and understood all over the world.Names are not changed according to country or language.Names are not changed often.

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i asked "trinomial" not binomial nomenclature

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Inbiology,trinomial nomenclatureis used to namesubspecies.

The nametrinomial nomenclatureliterally means "three-part description". Like this name suggests, each name has three parts. The first part is thegenusname, the second part is thespeciesname, and the third part is the subspecies name.

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In biology,trinomial nomenclaturerefers to names for taxa below the rank of species. These names have three parts. The usage is different in zoology and botany.

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