What is velocity ? Write differences betweem speed and velocity. Please don't provide any links.

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Velocity is the rate of change of the position of an object. Mathematically it is division of displacement by time.It is a vector quantity.Its S.I. unit is m/s.

Difference between velocity and speed:

Speed is distance travelled per unit time while Velocity is displacement per unit time.

  1. Speed does not give any information on the direction of the moving body while Velocity gives information on the speed and direction of the moving body.

  2. Speed is a scalar quantity Velocity is a vector quantity.

Example: A truck is moving at a "speed" of 70 km per hour. Describes speed of the truck.

A truck is moving at a "velocity" of 70 km per hour towards the North. Describes velocity of the truck.


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Velocity is Displacement per unit time.
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1.While speed is distance per unit time (I hope you know the difference between Displacement and distance)
1.Speed cannot be negative or zero while velocity can be.
2.Velocity is a vector quantity (with direction) while speed is a scalar quantity(without direction).
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