What is your understanding about the poem animals. Critically analyse and evaluate the poem. (Animals)

Walt Whitman is a lover of nature and animals. In this poem he has shown his preference to animals over humans. According to him, animals have healthy attitudes towards life. The self-contained nature of animals explains that they are happy in their own lives and do not interfere in others’ lives. They are satisfied with what they have and do not have the greed to earn more than others. Moreover, animals’ calm nature shows that they do not run after materialistic things like humans. They are at peace in all situations. The ups and downs in their life do not bother them. They know how to deal with such situations. Animals do not complain about their life. Whatever the conditions are, they never sweat and cry. Neither do they stay awake till late at night; nor do they cry for their wrongdoings. They are very truthful and do their duties towards God. They are not like humans who do things just to showcase their duties in the name of God. Animals are satisfied with themselves. They do not behave crazily and madly to own things. They are free from their desires and longings.  The poet says that animals do not bend down on their knees in front of others. He has never seen any animals doing so to show their devotion to others. They have not done this for their ancestors who lived thousands of years ago. Further, the poet says that animals do not show respect to others the way humans do. They are not double faced, showing themselves good in front of others and having evil thoughts running in their minds. They never feel unhappy and live their life in joy on the earth. Here, the poet conveys that one animal eats another animal as food, but they never hide this. They exhibit their behaviour in front of others as they are. There are no hidden or fake things among animals like humans. That’s why the poet accepts them the way they are. He further says that animals bring happiness in his life and make him feel the way he is. Animals do not hide anything and show their possessions. In the end, the poet says that he wonders where animals got these good qualities from. He further asks himself, did he lose his good qualities or has he left them somewhere carelessly a long time back. He feels that humans lost their good qualities and passed them to the animals. The poet seems to give the message that human beings must try to rediscover and imbibe the virtues which they have lost in the process of civilization. 

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