what kind of organism is called terror of bengal?what is terror of bengal?

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Eichorrnia or water hyacinth is called the terror of Bengal.

It is called so because it grows rapidly in the rivers and lakes and take up the dissolved oxygen present in the rivers making the aquatic living organisms starve!  They eventually cause death of the river and accelerate the ageing of the same, a phenomenon called eutrophication!

(Maybe these plants have overgrown in the Bay of Bengal)

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water hycinth is eichornia

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water hycinth liyli.

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water hycinth or eichornia is known as terror of bengal because it grows rapidly and takes up oxygen thus killing thousands of fishes as they dont get enough oxygen.

it is known as terror of bengal as fishes is supplement food of people there and due to eichornia fishes died and causing a scarcity of food.

it cannot be eradicated as no natural predator is available is available it was introduced in india

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