what kind of people were the inhabitants of lilliput

The six inches tall Lilliputians are a mockery at human flaws and shallowness. They are not only small in size, but are small in the limits of their mind and soul. They are reflection of the shrunken human virtues. They have lost their vision and fail to see beyond 800 yards, a satire upon the short-sightedness of humans. They fight over the manner to break the egg, and over such an issue they can kill and attack their neighboring Island. They cleverly use Gulliver as a protector against the enemies and are courageous to plan his death after his use. Under the garb of majestic and grand descriptions of the Island and inhabitants, Lilliput is only a homeland to shrewd, crafty, selfish and corrupt people.

*The points that add to their folly

They fail to thank Gulliver for extinguishing the fire and are rather accuse him for mis-behaving.

Flimnap plots against him.

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