What kinds of diagrams are more effective in representing the following?

(i) Monthly rainfall in a year

(ii) Composition of the population of Delhi by religion

(iii) Components of cost in a factory

(i) The monthly rainfall in a year can be best represented by a bar diagram as only one variable i.e. monthly rainfall is to be compared visually. The highest bar diagram indicates the highest rainfall in the corresponding month that is plotted on the x-axis.

(ii) Composition of the population of Delhi by religion can be represented by a simple bar diagram. Plotting different religion on the x-axis and the number of people on the y-axis, one can easily compare the number of the population religion-wise..

(iii) In order to represent different components of cost in a factory, a pie chart is more effective. The entire circle represents the total cost and various components of costsare shown by different portions of the circle.

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