What lesson on death and suffering did the Buddha teach kisa Gotami in the lesson"The sermon at Benaras".?

— that life of mortals is troubled, brief, combined with pain

— death is common to all

— like ripe fruits, earthen vessels human lives will break/ decay (death) one day

— neither father nor kinsmen can save anyone

— weeping and grieving will never bring back the dead alive

— one should accept death

Detailed Answer : 

Kisa Gotami was devastated by the death of her only son and wandered door to door, seeking help. Someone directed her to Sakyamuni, the Buddha, who asked her to bring a handful of mustard seeds. This raised a hope in Gotami’s heart that her son could be revived. But the condition imposed by Sakyamuni was that the seeds should be from a house where people had not lost a loved one to death. Kisa Gotami’s futile search made her realize the bitter truth that sorrows are a part and parcel of life and one can attain peace only by acceptance. The Buddha says that everything in this world is subject to death. He further says that the world is deeply affected by suffering, disease or pain. Inevitably there is death and decay.

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