What made the Ghost's soul more restless?

Dear student,

The ghost's failed attempts made the him restless.The ghost was scared of the twins and that said a lot about the intelligent and innovative ways in which the twins always managed to stay two steps ahead of the poor apparition. First, the twins brought their pea-shooters on the night of the ghost's first encounter with the family and at once discharged two pellets on him. The accuracy of aim with which they pelted the ghost could only have been attained by long and careful   practice  of a writing master. They were amused by the apparition and not even a shred of fear was in them when it came to the ghost, they tormented him with the delight of schoolboys having a go at their favourite sport. Once on reaching the room of the twins, he flung the door wide open wishing to make an effective entry when a heavy jug of water fell right down on him, wetting him to the skin and just missing his shoulder by a couple of inches. At the same moment, he heard stifled shrieks of laughter proceed from the four-post bed and the shock to his nervous system was so great that he fled right back to his lair. He was terrified of the twins from then onward. The twins would often lie in wait for him on several occasions and strew the passages with nutshells every night but the ghost was so frightened of the boys that he stopped his appearances. They were always preempting his each and every strike.


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