what makes saturn the most unique planet

Saturn is a planet with large amount of gases.
Saturn is a planet with least density among all the planets. Suppose if we have a pool of that size than it will float on it.
Saturn has beautiful rings around it. They may be formed due to collision of big satellites of Saturn.
The temperature of Saturn is greater than expected that means Saturn releases heat . the temperature of Saturn is around 130 k.

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The thing that makes Saturn the most unique planet is that the planet has beautiful rings made up of rocks and ice around it, it is also the planet with least density in the entire Solar System, if it were possible to drop the planet in water; it would float rather than sink because its density is even more less than that of water. This the reason why Saturn is the most unique planet in the Solar System.

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saturn is a unique planet because of the following reasons:

1.it is the only planet in our solar system whose density is less than water.

2.it is the only planet to have bright, large, and shiny rings made up of asteroids gases dust and ice.

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