What means a large no. Of peninsular rivers are seasonal as their flow is dependent on rainfall
My query is that they have water but yhey depend on rainfall why
This para is a part of himalayan rivers

Dear Karishma,

The line "a large number of Peninsular rivers are seasonal as their flow is dependent on rainfall" means that the rivers like Mahanadi, Kaveri, Krishna etc which are found in the peninsular region have only  rainfall, as their source of water. Therefore, since most of the rainfall is received during the monsoon season, they are in full bloom during this time, remaining dry or with very less water during the rest of the year.
To understand it more clearly you can compare the Peninsular rivers with the Himalayan rivers which are perennial in nature that is, they receive water throughout the year from the melting of the ice in the mountains as well as from the rain during the monsoon season.
‚ÄčTherefore we can say that the Peninsular rivers do not have any other source of water except rainfall and are thus seasonal in nature.

Hope this helps you.
Jaya Tiwari

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