What one step can be taken by government through market forces to reduce the consumption of ‘pan masala’?

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To reduce the consumption of ‘pan masala’, the governmet is taking various steps :

Currently, PAN MASALA  is on top of the highest GST rate of 28 percent.
60 percent cess is levied on PAN MASALA.
204 percent cess is levied on PAN MASALA containing gutka

All this will lead to rising in prices of PAN MASALA which will automatically reduce its consumption.



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Increase taxes
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The government is doing many things to reduce the consumption of 'pan masala'.
Under GST, it is under the highest tax slab ie. 28%
The government charges cess ranging from 60% to 96% on pan masala and other tobacco products.
The government also charges 'specific cess' on cigarettes.
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