what path does a toffee wrapper thrown by us in dustbin take
what conditions should we maintained while vermicomposting

Although candy wrappers can be recycled, yet their volume is so small in the overall garbage that it is expensive to sort and recycle them. As such the toffee wrappers that you throw in the dustbin end up in the dumping yard or the landfill. 

In order to be successful in vermicomposting, the following factors must be kept in mind:

A. Requirements for the earthworm:
1. A good 'bedding' 
2. Adequate food source
3. Proper moisture content
4. Proper temperature
5. Sufficient aeration

B. Requirements for the process:
1. Suitable surface dwelling earthworms should be selected
2. Selection of proper site for vermicomposting
‚Äč3. Preparation of vermiculture bed with adequate nutrients, pH, moisture and temperature, and proper cover
4. Putting biodegradable waste in the compost pit with adequate water so that it does not dry up
5. Periodic removal of the vermicompost 


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