1. What physical feature has  provided India with a compact physical setting?

  2. What are jet streams? What is its importance?

  3. Explain  why  Mawsynram has the maximum rainfall.

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2)Jet streams are fast flowing winds blowing in a narrow zone in the upper atmosphere.
In winter the sub-tropical westerly jet streams bring rain to the western part of India ,especially Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.
In Summer the tropical easterly jet blows over peninsular India approximately at 14 degree north and bring some rains and storm.

3)Mawsynram lies in the Khasi hills in Meghalaya and gets exceptionally heavy rains from the Bay of Bengal branch of the summer monsoons which move upto the Brahmaputra valley .Striking against the north-eastern hills they bring heavy rainfall in this area especially in Mawsynram which receives more than 1,080 cms rainfall annually.The average annual rainfall is highest in the world.

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