What plan did the committee of the Thames Anglers' Association recommend? Why was it not adopted?
Chapter 17 three men in a boat

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Jerome narrates about a man who used to fish and gave the number of his catch, far above than the real number. Initially the man decided to boast about his catch by increasing it by twenty five percent, because he believed that lying more than that was sinful. Then he increased his percent to thirty three and a third. He grew dissatisfied with this after a point of time. The young man was able to catch only one or two fishes. In order to exaggerate his catch, he devised a plan to double the quantity. However, this seemed awkward and did not work well because no one believed him and therefore, he decided to count each fish that he caught as ten fish and he would assume to start from ten. For example, if he caught two, he would say thirty, that is ten plus twenty (1 fish = 10 fish). Thus, he came upon this plan. This is the plan that the committee of the Thames Angler's Association agreed was beneficial. However,  the plan was not adopted because some of its older members opposed the plan.

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