what precautions should be taken while using secondary data?

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Secondary Data refers to the data that is collected from Secondary Sources. Such data has already been collected by somebody by somebody in the past and is collected and modified by the researcher  as per objectives of his study.

The following are the precautions necessary while using secondary data:
1) Suitability - Before taking data into consideration, its suitability for the concerned purpose should be considered to get the relevant results.
2) Adequacy of data - It must be ensured that the data available is adequate for the purpose of its study or not while using the data collected from secondary sources.
3) Accuracy - The degree of accuracy of the secondary data available should be compared with the degree of accuracy required to determine its relevance for the purpose of study.
4) Units of measurement used - The units of measurement used while collecting secondary data can be different from the units of measurement in which the data is to be studied. It must be ensured that the data sets are converted in terms of relevant units of its measurement while using secondary data.


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These should be firmly classified into different groups and should be from a reliable source
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