What prediction was made by the astrologers about the Tiger King? How did it come true?

Dear Student,
The Chief Astrologer said that the Death of the tiger king is certain.
When the King stated that it was an obvious fact he added more details to it by saying the death will be due to a tiger and more precisely the 100th tiger.

Yes, the astrologer’s prediction about the death of the tiger king did come true because the hundredth tiger that did cause the death of the Maharaja, though it was a wooden one. The Maharaja had believed happily that he had successfully killed the hundredth tiger and had hence nullified the astrologer’s prediction about his death, but in actuality, he had missed and it was one of his hunters who later killed it fearing the Maharaja’s wrath. After a few days, the king and his son were playing with a wooden tiger that he had gifted to his son on his birthday. It was then that a wooden sliver pierced his finger that soon became critical and he had to be operated on. This surgery resulted in his death and finally, the prediction of the astrologer came true with the wooden tiger being the hundredth tiger that caused his death.

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