What problems of normal matings does artificial insemination help to overcome?

Artificial insemination is a technique in which semen collected from the husband/male donor is artificially introduced into the vagina/uterus of the female. This technique is useful from many aspects and also overcomes many of the problems of natural mating

This technique is useful under the conditions in which male partner is unable to inseminate the female  due to low sperm count in the ejaculates or other reasons.This technique ensures delivery of sperm inside female reproductive tract which is not ensured during traditional breeding.
This technique eliminates all the time consuming tasks  performed traditional breeding which are quite not easy and also can lead to injury to humans.

 This technique helps to avoid the chances of sexually transmitted diseases as it does not involve direct physical contact of the cattles.  

This technique helps to perform desirable mating for the improved  traits, which is not found in case of natural  mating. Desired bull from around the world can be used for breeding as in this techniques collected semen from bull in any part of the world can be transported in a frozen form to where the female is housed. 

This technique is cost effective as in this technique one bull that too does not need purchasing and housing can be used to breed many females simultaneously.

‚Äč This techniques makes possible to cause much more number of matings per bull than natural matings. Semen collected from the desired bull is stored and can be used for much longer period of time even after the death of bull. 


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