What r d Deficiency Symptom of phosphorus,boron $ Cl- ?????


  • Plants that do not receive enough phosphorus develop weak thin stalks that appear spindly.
  • Plants suffering from a phosphorus deficiency may be stunted and short in stature. 
  • Purple veins may appear on the leaves or the leaves may take on a purplish color. 
  • Older leaves may appear bluish-green instead of the characteristic rich green of new growth. 


  • Terminal buds die, witches’ brooms form.
  • Marginal leaf curing and deformation, and most commonly white stripes appear perpendicular to the veins on the young emerging leaves.
  • The new leaves may have an incomplete lamina similar to sulphur and calcium deficiency with thickening of secondary veins.
  • Inhibition of root and flower formation is also observed in the affected plants.


  • Plants wilt early.
  • The leaves of some plants show signs of leafspotting or mottling, while others will show an overall bronzing of the leaves
  • With severe, the leaves may exhibit curling, shriveling, and necrosis.




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