what r the characteristics of liquid pressure(any 5)

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Characteristics of liquid pressure as follows:

1.  Pressure exerted increase with the depth of liquid

2.  Pressure at all points at equal depth is equal

3.  Liquid exerts pressure on the wall of the container.

4.  Pressure exerted is directly related to its density.

5.  Pressure exerted on liquid is transmitted equally in all directions. (Pascal’s law)


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 (i) Liquid pressure increases with depth

(ii)     "            "       remains the same in all directions at a given depth

(iii)    "            "       depends upon the density of the liquid

(iv)    "             "      on the sides of the container

(v) A liquid seeks it's own level 

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A liquid exerts pressure equally in all directions.

A liquid flows from a higher level to a lower level.

Liquid pressure increases with depth.

Pressure at points in the same horizontal level inside a liquid at rest, will be the same.

Liquid pressure increases with the density of the liquid.

A liquid seeks its own level.

Source: Explore Physics, Class 6, Revised, For Tamil Nadu Matriculation Board, Hydrostatics.

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You can refer the source(text book) to learn about each characteristics in detail.

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