What r the environmental consequences of the increasing demand of energy ?

If we continue using traditional sources of energy than the near future of humanity is nothing save black.There are several environmental consequences of using conventional energy sources:-

For ex:-

1.AIR POLLUTION:-The thermal power station burn large amount fossil fuels which emits harmful gases which pollute the environment as well as increase global warming by increasing the amount of green house gases in the atmosphere

2.SOIL AND BIO DEGRADATION:-The energy production by nuclear stations results in the formation of non bio degradable radioactive waste products which are a major threat to the surroundings.

3.ECOLOGICAL IMBALANCE:-It is likely that the ecological imbalance gets much intense if we continue conventional energy sources and one day we would run out of fuel.

But if the energy production is mainly done through non conventional sources then the increasing enrgy demand could be met easily without much environmental consequences.


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I mean 4 energy .

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