what roles do the servants serve in the story " The Enemy"? 6 marks

Yumi was one of  the servants who worked in Dr Sadao's house ,She played a small role in the story where she was showcased as an obstinate person who refuse to clean American's dirty wound and she considered Americans as her enemies . she was determined not to wash him , Hana cried at her sternly but Yumi had a fierce look of resistance on her round face .Hana decided to clean the white men by herself and asked Yumi to return back . 
As Sadao gave shelter to an American in his house ,none of the servants liked it and saw the white men as their enemy. as days passed it seemed Sadao is not going to hand over the man to police so, all servants left the house .
though they considered Americans as their enemies and had not helped to heal the Navy solider of their enemy , they are good enough to not inform about the man to the police and  picture Sadao and hana as traitors .

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lead role.
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