What's the answer for number 1

What's the answer for number 1 PRACTICE Direct Objects Put parentheses around the S and the action verb v. If there is a direct object, label it DO. epositional phrases. Label the simple subject l. Charles Haddon Spurgeon lived during the 1800S. 2. He preached his first sermon at age fifteen. 3. Many people still read his sermons. 4 He spoke in a plain manner. 5. He had a good sense of humor. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Thousands of worshipers came to his services at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. He founded a large orphanage, His clear, direct sermons brought revival to many hearts. He wrote helpful books too. Many people wotshiped Christ.

Dear Student,

Subject:- Charles Heddon Spurgeon
Verb:- lived
Prepositional Phrase :- during the 1800s.


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