What should be the rectification entry for:
2740 paid for repair of motor car was debited to motor car account as 1740

(Is this should be debited to repair account or it is debited in correct account but the amount is wrong?)

Dear Student,

Since Motor car is debited wrongly so it would be credited with Rs 1,740; Motor car repairs to be debited with Rs 2,740 & for remaining amount of Rs 1,000 suspense A/c would be credited. The rectification entry would be as follows:
Date Particulars LF Amount (in Rs) Amount (in Rs)
  Motor car repairs A/c Dr 2,740  
        To Motor car A/c     1,740
        To Suspense A/c     1,000
  (Repairs wrongly credited to motor car account; now rectified)      



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Repair ac dr 2,740
To motor car ac 1,740
To suspense ac 1,000
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