What should we do?
A) the silencer of motorcycle is broken.
B)a factory in the surrounding is producing continuous loud noise.

A)repair it

B)say people to stop it or change the area of the factory
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a] give to the machanical shop
b] say to the government.
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If silencer of a motorcycle is broken it should be repair immediatly and should be attemp till its fixed
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  1. We should repair the silencer immediatly. As per my advice we should not attempt to drive the bike till it is repaired.
  2. As per my advice we should complaint the authorities of the factory. If the authorities of the factory do not pay heed to the complaint , then we should not hesitate to complaint police of that particular area.
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the silencer of a motorcycle is broken                     
ans. The silencer should be repaired immediately to reduce noise pollution driving such a motorcycle shoud not attempted till the silencer is fixed
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Jay Maharashtra

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