What significance does the ring on Aunt Jennifer's finger has on her life socially and mentally? What does it has to do with the tigers on embroidered panel? What are her expectations she has and other have on her...

Marriage is a burden from which Aunt Jennifer cannot break free. Aunt Jennifer was not able to live the life she wanted to. Marriage had imposed numerous constraints upon her. She was over powered by the dominating nature of her partner. 

Even after Aunt Jennifer's death, her hands will be still ringed by the wedding band. But the tigers that are created on the panel will be free, unafraid and proud. It also implies human life is temporary and work of art is permanent.

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aunt jennifer was the victim of the male doinated society. she was the victim of her male counterpart. she is surrounded by all type of difficulties of wedding  life . she is continuously surrounded by difficulties.

aunt jennifer has been so victimised in her life that even after death she remains trapped in the struggles of the spirit.we find her victim of genderinjustice and obession. her body and spirit is now also surrounded by the injustices of society and her male counterpart.
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The ring on aunt jennifers finger signifies her bondage . It is a representative of the oppression she suffers in a male dominated society
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