What steps did Lord Cornwallis take to consolidate the British system of administration?

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  • The East India Company Court of Directors first proposed a permanent settlement for Bengal in 1786.
  • It was debated till Lord Cornwallis gave it a green signal in 1790 and by 1800, Permanent Settlement Act was passed. 
  • Cornwallis code was basically legislation passed in 1793, which included a set of rules for better governance of the country.
  • It had provisions related to judicial, civil services, revenue administration.
  • It included provision which provided for Permanent settlement system.
  • Under this system the Zamindars and other revenue collectors were converted into landlords, they became owners of the land and acted as agents of government.
  • It also brought about reorganisation of Judicial branch, with separation of power.
  • The collectors from now on were responsible for revenue administration.
  • In each district there were to be district judges looking after the administration of Justice.
  • Later,  In order to control,the growing corruption among the company's servants who assumed administrative functions,Lord  Cornwallis overhauled the entire system of administration.
  • He passed a law against private trade, increased their salaries, made promotion on seniority basis.
  • This is how Lord Cornwallis consolidated British rule in India. 
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