What types of laws did macavity break? What should we have been his faith according to the poet ? Did macavity suffer from his crimes?

Macavity is breaking the law of gravity. Macavity was a mysterious cat. Tall and thin, with a domed head and deeply lined brows, Macavity was the master of all crimes--big and small--whether it be milk, or jewels or an important treaty, Macavity could vanish it all and leave without a trace. Macavity was a genius--he could lick his thumb as easily as he could do long division sums.. No rule or law--natural or man-made could stop Macavity. The Scotland Yard, the highest criminal investigation department in the world had been unable to trap him, because Macavity would commit a crime and would never be caught. He always had an alibi, which would prove that Macavity was never present at the scene of crime at all.

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