what values do you learn from the chapter 'The Ghat Of The Only World' about dealing with death and disease ??? class 11 textbook....now i have post the qus in a different thread...now plzzz ans this one asap...

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Shahid suffered from malignant brain tumour at the beginning of the story. When he lost his sight, his words seemed a touching epitaph as he said "I hope it doesn't mean I am dying." He had a sudden blackout in February,2000 when he was in America. The tests showed that he had cerebral cancer. Shahid suffered from cancer at the beginning of the account for 14 months. Although Shahid suffered from such painful disease and was aware of his approaching death, he never let his sufferings defeat him. His willingness to live his life to the fullest never allowed the gloom of disease to be dominating. He was the centre of a never-ending carnival, an endless celebration of emotions, laughter, food and poetry. His excellence as a teacher is also depicted from the story as he didn't stop imparting knowledge even when he was weak. He didn't even take the wheelchairs at the hospital and preferred to walk his feet. He was a fighter and celebrated his life till his very last day. At the hospital, on his last day, he faced death with extraordinary courage. 

Death is sure to come. But one should never let the fear of death break the spirit and hope to live the life. Life is the most precious gift and every moment of it should be celebrated just like Shahid did.

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