What values you can draw from the poem "The duck and the kangaroo"?

Dear Student,

The Duck wanted to see the world and felt bored sitting in his pond. Therefore, he tried to persuade the Kangaroo to carry him along while on a hopping spree moving across lands and seas. The Duck describes his life in the "nasty" pond as boring and stagnant, where he wearily has to pass time sitting on the rocks. The kangaroo told the duck that he was willing to take him on a ride, but there was a problem that since the duck's feet were always cold and wet, it might give the kangaroo the disease of rheumatism.   The duck offered solutions to this problem. Finally, they undertook the journey around the world. The poem teaches us that where there is a will, there is a way. Whenever one undertakes a challenge, there will be hurdles and difficulties. But overcoming these obstacles is the key factor.

It also teaches us that humility and politeness compel others to accept our request.


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