What was the cause of enmity between lilliput and blefuscu

The fight or the enimity between the two countries began when the emperor's grandfather as a boy cut his finger by mistake when he was breaking the egg at the larger end according to their practice in the olden times. Therefore his father ordered all the Lilliputians to break their eggs at the smaller ends. People disliked this law and several people fought to regain their right to break eggs at larger ends. Lilliputian rulers thought that the country of Bleufuscu was serving as a refugee for the people turned out of Lilliput. The country of Bleufuscu constantly send messengers stating that they should break the eggs at larger ends while the Lilliputians debated that the religious doctrine of Blundecral says to break the eggs at the "convienent ends". Since then both the countries have been in the state of war.

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