What was the family history of tutenkhaten family?Briefly Discuss.

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The facts that were known about King Tut's lineage was that he was possibly the son or grandson of Amenhotep III, a powerful pharaoh who had ruled for almost four decades at the height of the eighteenth dynasty's golden age. This pharaoh's son, Amenhotep IV succeeded him on the throne and initiated one of the most strangest periods in ancient Egyptian history. After Akhenaten's death, a mysterious ruler named Smenkhkare briefly came to power and then disappeared. Then came the very young Tutankhaten or King Tut as he is known today. The boy king changed his name to Tutankhamun or living image of Amun and reigned for about nine years when he died unexpectedly. 

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The Father of Tutankhamun was Akhenaten, first known as Amenhotep
The Mother of Tutankhamun was believed to be a noblewoman called Kiya
His Stepmother was Nefertiti, the chief wife of Akhenaten
The wife and consort of Tutankhamun was Ankhesenpaaten (aka Ankhesanamum and Ankhesenamen), who was also his half sister
Children: None survived. His two daughters were still born and were buried with Tutankhamun
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