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what was the legend behind the hound of the baskerville?what was the most recent event that occurred in support of this myth?


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The legend  of the old Baskerville family was in the manuscript that was read out to Sherlock Holmes by Dr Mortimer, dated 1742. It was a family paper committed to his care by Sir Charles Baskerville. It was on the origin of the hound of the Baskervilles, a fair warning to the descendants of that line to tread with caution because the curse of the hound was upon them. It had been passed down from generation to generation with the hope that the next in line would not suffer from the same terrible fate. There was a not of hope that prayer and repentance would undo the sins of the past and that the latter generations would refrain from a display of wanton passion.It was during the time of the Great Rebellion when the Manor of Baskerville was held by Hugo Baskerville, a wild, profane and godless man. One day he chanced upon the daughter of a yeoman near the Baskerville estate, a chaste maiden whom he began to pursue relentlessly. One Michaelmas, Hugo with his equally deviant friends carried her off to the manor. She was held prisoner in an upper chamber while the friends sat down to their customary nightly carousel.The maiden after her cries for help came to naught, found a way to escape and ran homewards to the moor. On discovering her flight, Hugo was wrathful, he vowed to find her and thus set out upon the moor to find her. During this pursuit the unholy encounter happened, witnessed by Hugo's friends as the devilish hound who had been seen to pursue Hugo plucked his throat. It was a sight that scarred his friends and they could not bear the trauma. Ever since then most members of the family had died due to unnatural causes.
The most recent event that occurred in support of this myth was the death of Sir Charles. 
Sir Charles was quite weak at heart and psychologically disturbed by the legend surrounding his family. Stapleton took this opportunity to unleash the hound on the moor and just the bark of the beast and its frightening eyes were enough to scare Sir Charles. He died of a fright of the heart, suffering a severe heart attack due to such a terrible sight.

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