what was the reasons for putting barriers to foreign trade and foreign investment by the indian government? why did it wish to remove these barriers?

Reasons for putting trade barriers to foreign trade and foreign investment by indian government :

  • to protect the indian producers.
  • to maintain the quality of goods after independence.

Government wished to remove trade barriers because - they want to compete with the international market for improving the quality of goods....

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1- it was nesessary  to protect the producers from foreign competitions. 

2-india allowed imports only of essential items inorder to give protection to domestic producers. 

3-to maintain or improve the quality of goods after independence.

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simply....no work for them...
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Only Akruti acharya is correct after me
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so that Indians could not be exploited from the foreign traders.
Indians were not at the stage to make themselves compete with foreigners. 
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Why the Indian govt removed the foreign barriers because during Rajiv Gandhi rule the Indian economy was completly collapsed so the next prime minister he removed trade barriers
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Post-independence India put barriers on its foreign trade as the imports had exceeded exports and the country was in a huge debt. To reverse the debt and improve the country’s financial condition the government decided to minimize its imports and foreign investment and maximize exports Yo yo please like it
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