What was the seagull's problem and how did it make his life miserable

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The problem that the seagull faced was its fear to fly and face heights. The little seagull's siblings had flown off the edge of the ledge the previous day. He too had tried: he had taken a little run towards the edge and flapped his wings. But, he had become afraid and run back to the hole. The young seagull got very hungry . Its hunger  intensified when it saw its mother tearing at a piece of fish that lay at her feet. When its mother came towards it with food in her beak, it screamed with joy and anticipation. However, she stopped midway. Not being able to resist or control its hunger any longer, it dived at the food. At that moment, his hunger overpowered his fear of the great expanse of sea beneath the cliff. Finally, this plunge was followed by the natural reaction of its body to fly.


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The point P(-6,-3) on reflection in y axis is mapped on P' ,the point P' on reflection to the origin is mapped on P" .(a) find the co-ordinates of P'.find the co-ordinates of P".Write down a single transformation that map P onto P"
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