What was the Social and Political background of the Mongols?

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a. The Mongols inhabited the Great Steepes region and established their dominance.
b. In the 3rd century , there was a foundation of Mongolian nomadic culture.
c. Mongol tribe comprised of food gatherers, hunters,  some reared cattle.
d. They wandered from place to place and engaged in fur trade.
e. Some engaged in agricultural practises.
f. Mongols  society was based on kinship with senior elite lineages and subordinate junior lineages.
g. The richer section possessed animals and lands and had political connections.
h. The Mongols made great achievement in the field of technology and created a script called Orkhon Enisil script.
i. Mongol were largely tied with culture and language.
j. They represented a great cultural intermingling with Turkish culture, customs.
k. Mongols  had great knowledge about agriculture, cattle breeding,


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